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F1 commercial director agrees with Alonso's predictable claim

F1 commercial director agrees with Alonso's "predictable" claim

21-08-2018 15:03
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Bobby Vincent

Sean Bratches says that Fernando Alonso has every right to call Formula One 'predictable' but insists that the bosses of F1 have a plan in place to make the sport more exciting for everyone.

F1's commercial director Bratches agrees with what Alonso said when he labelled F1 as 'predictable' following his announcement that he will be retiring at the end of this season.

Here is what Alonso said about F1 following his retirement announcement:

"The action on track is not the one I dreamed of when I joined F1, or when I was in different series, or the action on track that I experienced in other years," Alonso said.

"I stopped because the action on the track, in my opinion, is very poor. In fact, what we talk about more in F1 is off track. Now, we can write down what is going to happen at Spa and Monza. We can put the first 15 positions with maybe one or two mistakes. So how predictable everything became is tough."

Bratches surprisingly agrees with Alonso's comments.

"I think he's right and we have a plan to fix it," said Bratches regarding the Spaniard's comments.

"I wish he was around for another ten years to be a part of that. He's been such a phenomenal ambassador for the sport, such a hero, a legend. I hope that his brand stays around for many years to come.

"There is an opportunity for Formula One to be less predictable. I think it's important that we get there. Since the 2015 Grand Prix season, only three teams have won a grand prix. Only three teams. So it is predictable."

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