Verstappen understands Alonso's decision as losing "kills you on the inside"

19-08-2018 11:30
by Matt Gretton
Verstappen understands Alonso's decision as losing kills you on the inside

Max Verstappen understands the decision Fernando Alonso has made. The Spaniard will leave F1 after the current season to go on and race in other championships. Verstappen shows that he understands the move and links it a similar move his father did during his racing career.

Verstappen, 20, has already notched up 72 Grands Prix and will be in-line to beat Alonso's tally if the Dutchman stays for 17 years. He certainly isn't thinking of making a change any time soon.

"I think it mainly happens with drivers who are not winning: they want to win again. That gives you the motivation to keep going and [in F1] Fernando hasn’t been in a position to win lately," Verstappen said in a Goodwood report.

"My dad had exactly the same: he was in F1, not winning and at one point your motivation just disappears. You can do it for a few years, but it’s just killing you on the inside.”

Let's hope he keeps winning so we get to see Verstappen's bold overtakes plenty more!

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