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Mexico jubilates again: 'Checo Perez continues to make history'

Mexico jubilates again: 'Checo Perez continues to make history'

29 March - 07:34 Last update: 09:15


Mexico is under the spell of Sergio Perez. The Red Bull Racing driver won the last Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia and hopes to make a serious bid for the world title this season. His compatriots are very confident that Checo can structurally beat teammate Max Verstappen.

Esto, one of the leading sports websites in the Central American country, likes to keep the positive mood going. In the run-up to the Australian Grand Prix, the medium headlines "Historic!" The article starts with the sentence:"Checo Perez continues to make history in Formula 1."

Ricciardo in the crosshairs

The website found out that Perez in Saudi Arabia has entered the top 10 of drivers with the most points scored in Formula 1. In this list, the Mexican currently holds tenth position, with 1,244 points in his career. Ahead of him, at number nine, is Daniel Ricciardo with 1,311 points. The Australian, although back at Red Bull as a test and reserve driver, is no longer active in Formula 1 (for now), so Perez has a good chance of overtaking him soon.

Esto forgot to mention in the article that Perez benefits from a change in regulations in 2010. That was when the FIA decided to adjust the points distribution. Not only do drivers who finish in the top 10 earn points, the number of points to be distributed was also increased. Nowadays, a Grand Prix winner gets 25 points, before 2010 there were only 10 (and earlier even less).

Here are the top 10 drivers with the most points earned:

1. Lewis Hamilton - 4,425.50 points
2. Sebastian Vettel - 3,098 points
3. Fernando Alonso - 2,091 points
4. Max Verstappen - 2,055.50 points
5. Kimi Raikkonen - 1,873 points
6. Valtteri Bottas - 1,791 points
7. Nico Rosberg - 1,594.50 points
8. Michael Schumacher - 1,566 points
9. Daniel Ricciardo - 1,311 points
10. Sergio Perez - 1,244 points