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Leclerc fears Verstappen: 'Red Bull is very, very impressive'

Leclerc fears Verstappen: 'Red Bull is very, very impressive'

19 March - 08:53 Last update: 10:15


Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc will both have to play catch-up on Sunday. According to Leclerc, that could be very difficult if a DRS train develops in midfield. In the post-qualifying press conference, Leclerc addressed the chances of getting further ahead during the race.

Verstappen and Leclerc both start the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix in midfield. Due to a grid penalty, Leclerc starts in 12th place, and due to his engine problems in qualifying, Verstappen starts from 15th. While overtaking in Saudi Arabia is not as impossible as, say, Monaco, the track is not great for it either. On top of that, the midfield is very competitive this season, so there will be a heated battle. So it will not be easy for both drivers to just fight their way to the front.

"I don't know how easy it will be to overtake on this track," Leclerc acknowledged. "The midfield seems to be all extremely close in terms of race pace. And if you have a DRS train, then it makes things very difficult. But I'll give my best, try to come back to the front as quickly as possible. And we'll see what happens. "

'Mercedes are more or less at our level'

Leclerc was also asked if he sees Mercedes - and specifically George Russell - as a big challenge in this race. The Monegasque laughed the question away. "Well, I'm starting in the back, so I first need to get to that level before worrying about anything. But let’s say that I haven't seen anything that worries me from George. I think it's more the pace of Red Bull that is very, very impressive. And the Mercedes pace is more or less in line with ours, I think."

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