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Kravitz on Verstappen statement: 'I'm saying what reasonable F1 fans think'

Kravitz on Verstappen statement: 'I'm saying what reasonable F1 fans think'

17-03-2023 11:24 Last update: 18-03-2023 16:39


During the 2022 Mexican Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing did not speak to Sky Sports. The boycott was imposed following statements made by Ted Kravitz about the 2021 title fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The Sky journalist once again defended himself against the criticism he received.

Kravitz walked the paddock in a programme of his own on Sky Sports, saying en passant that Hamilton was robbed of the title by Verstappen in 2021. The last race in Abu Dhabi was the decisive race of that F1 season and in the final five laps, Verstappen took full advantage of a safety car and the Dutchman took his first title. That Kravitz saw this as robbing Hamilton of the title went down the wrong way with Verstappen and the team.

Kravitz says what he thinks

A boycott of one race followed, with Verstappen and the team refusing to speak to Sky Sports journalists. In an interview with Independent.com the journalist defends himself once more. Kravitz: "People can misinterpret or not like what I say, but I’ll always say things the way I see them and how a reasonable F1 fan might see things."

The journalist does not seem to want to change his position with this statement. Kravitz thinks people generally appreciate his analyses: "They might not like that. But if you’re true to yourself and accurate – I will always correct myself if not. But I think people mostly like it and that’s fine. I get embarrassed by it all to be honest.”