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Miami Grand Prix under scrutiny: 'We need to try harder'

Miami Grand Prix under scrutiny: 'We need to try harder'

11-03-2023 13:12 Last update: 13:29


The first Miami Grand Prix was held in 2022. A lot was done to make it a true spectacle for fans: fake marinas, gondolas, expensive restaurants, you name it. Yet fans were not always pleased with their experience.

Tyler Epp, President of said Grand Prix, admitted to Racefans.net that changes need to be made to make this year's weekend less problematic. For example, it appeared that last year there was a shortage of food and drink at the Paddock Club, and a shortage of shade and water for fans in the stands. Temperatures soared above thirty degrees celsius.

New plan on the table

Epp said standards within the organisation have been addressed 'aggressively'. “It was so hot [last year] and I think it was all exacerbated because of that. But it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have done a better job of it. So we have implemented a whole new plan.”

That plan includes opening up the nearby indoor stadium (Hard Rock Stadium), where one will find shade and toilets. It will also be possible to admire a view of the paddock from there. Epp admits that, despite his experience in organising and attending sporting events, he did not know what to expect from Formula 1. The problems that arose will be solved, but he still considers the 2022 Grand Prix to be a success.