Ross Brawn hints that F1 could turn 100% electric in 10 years

09-08-2018 18:18
by Matt Gretton
Ross Brawn hints that F1 could turn 100% electric in 10 years

Ross Brawn has hinted he would consider changing F1 engines to electrical power in 10 years time. The F1 sports director clarifies he will only take that step if he feels it is best for the sport.

Brawn told F1 fan voice that the change isn't going to happen anytime soon. "We must respect the Formula E and what they have already achieved. If we compare the class to Formula 1, they do not have the number of fans we have.

"Also, the cars are not particularly fast, and they also have no character. I think you can best see the Formula E as a junior formula class."

However, in the long run, the former Ferrari man recognises that the position and reputation of the electric engine may well change in the future.

"Formula 1 will develop towards the right balance of the sport. In addition, we must also consider the fans. If there is the desire to look at a new type of engine within five or ten years, then we will do it. We do not know where we are in ten years. We will not be blocked from driving with electric cars in the future, but at the moment they are not yet delivering the spectacle," said Brawn.

What we can also gather from this is that Brawn plans to hold onto his position for many many years.

Satyaban +27 10-08-2018 02:19
Let Formula E keep on that route and F1 keep the internal combustion gas powered motors. For me that is F1, a loud motor and rear wheel drive is F1.
blackdog +32 10-08-2018 09:53
I have been watching Grand Prix motor racing all my life. My first visit to the Monaco race was in 1955. My father had many friends in the sport, people who are now legends. They were true heroes who got in their machines never knowing if they would survive to race another day. It was men and machines racing with nerves of steel, racing for glory, risking all to win. He and they will be looking down in dismay at what their sport has become.
They used to race on fantastic circuits and now we’ve got bloody Miami? instead of Watkins Glen, Baku instead of Brands Hatch.
Ross, I have nothing but admiration for what you have achieved but if Liberty changes F1 into an all electric formula, it will kill it stone dead. Nobody will watch.
I only watch now because I hope to see Lewis win 8 championships, thereby nullifying Schumacher’s bullshit 7.
Why? Because Lewis has won every point, every race and title on his own merit. Never once have we heard a Lewis team mate being told, “Let Lewis past, it’s for the Championship.”. Never once have we seen Lewis deliberately drive into someone or try to drive them off the road.
Whining Vettel is not in the same league.
Senna may have been a brilliant racing driver but he too would go to any lengths to win a race or title, including deliberately driving into people.
Winning by any means, fair or foul, is called cheating. At least two of Schumacher’s titles were won dishonestly.
Motor racing at its beginning was a sport of gentleman racers.
When Lewis stops racing, I will stop watching. Not that I’m a die hard Lewis fan because I haven’t always liked the way he has behaved in the past, but in the car he is the real deal. Nothing stops him. He shows the same fighting spirit and bravery we saw in Ascari, Moss, Salvadori, Hill, Clark, Rindt and all those other heroes of a bygone age.
Grand Prix motor racing is about man and machine, balls out racing.
If there is any light at the end of the tunnel then it is Daniel Ricciardo who shows the same skill and bravery as Lewis and those heroes of yesteryear.
Will Grand Prix motor racing be destroyed before he can join the greats?
It may, once again, be the moment to try and create a rival championship based on real racing in which team owners, designers, engineers and their drivers can fight for glory.
Hope springs eternal!

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