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Verstappen remains not a fan: 'I don't know if I watch Drive to Survive'

Verstappen remains not a fan: 'I don't know if I watch Drive to Survive'

20 February - 07:24 Last update: 08:55

A busy week awaits Formula 1 fans. Besides watching the winter tests, there is also hours of viewing fun on Netflix. The streaming service will launch the fifth season of the docuseries Drive to Survive on 24 February.

Max Verstappen was not featured with exclusive interviews on the show for the past two seasons. The two-time world champion refused to cooperate, saying Netflix, in his view, did not give a realistic picture and made up non-existent rivalries. This year, Verstappen does appear in the series.

Message understood?

"I spoke with them of course, before I was going to give an interview with them", Verstappen said at the press conference in New York after the launch of the RB-19, where GPblog was present, too. "And yeah, I hope, I mean, I hope they, of course, understood my message and I also know that especially being a world champion, that you have to be part of something like that. So I think I gave them like 30 minutes or one hour of an interview and I hope of course they're gonna use it."

Taking part in the programme is one thing, actually watching Drive to Surive is verse two. Verstappen is still not an outspoken fan of the programme. "Well, I don't know if I'm going to watch it, but, yeah, I hope they're happy and I hope, of course I can be happy after watching it. I know that it's important to Formula 1 as well that, for growing this in general."