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Pirelli takes on new 2023 tyre straight away for Bahrain GP

Pirelli takes on new 2023 tyre straight away for Bahrain GP

16-02-2023 08:35 Last update: 08:49


Pirelli has announced the tyre compounds for the first three race weekends. Harder tyres are included for Bahrain than the following two race weekends on street circuits.

The Formula 1 season is about to start and so Pirelli has already revealed which tyres the teams will bring with them at the first Grands Prix. This year an additional compound has been added. Pirelli had C1 to C5 at its disposal last year, but has added C0 in 2023.

Pirelli's new tyre

In reality, however, the C1 is the new tyre. The C0 is the old C1, where the new C1 is to bridge the gap between the two hardest tyres last season. In fact, back then the C1 was rarely used because it lost too much ground to the C2 in the race. That old C1, and thus current C0, will not be used for the first three weekends.

In Bahrain, Pirelli will opt for the C1 to C3. The new C1 will then get the white cheek, the C2 will be yellow and the C3 red. In Saudi Arabia and Australia, things are different. Then the Italian tyre manufacturer will take the C2 through C4. This omits the new C1 and takes the softer C4 before it.