'Ferrari makes retreat and agrees engine regulations'

'Ferrari makes retreat and agrees engine regulations'

16-01-2023 12:52 Last update: 15:02

Ferrari, according to Corriere dello Sport, has decided to agree to the engine regulations to apply from 2026 after all. At the end of last year, it did not want to sign off on the agreements made because it did not support Red Bull Powertrains' 'preferred position'. It even resulted in an absence of Ferrari in December.

As Red Bull Powertrains is labelled a newcomer to Formula 1, it will be given more time and freedom to test and invest. Ferrari reportedly thinks this is unfair, as it would already have full access to Honda's know-how.

In response, Red Bull Powertrains is said to have informed Ferrari that the engine rights are now back with Honda and that it has never used them itself. However, it did not cause Ferrari to change its mind, deciding not to agree yet.

Ferrari still agrees to 2026 regulations

It hoped to bring Mercedes and Renault on board, but both parties decided that Red Bull Powertrains' reasoning was enough to sign up to the new rules. Partly because Ferrari was ruled out for another meeting in December, it would now like to approve the regulations after all, according to the Italian medium.