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Alonso sees special quality in Verstappen and himself: 'Cannot teach that'

Alonso sees special quality in Verstappen and himself: 'Cannot teach that'

28-12-2022 16:49 Last update: 17:47


Fernando Alonso is gearing up for a season with a new team. Whereas he was part of Alpine for the past two seasons, he will be seen in Aston Martin's car in 2023. Although the team has a completely different car, Alonso expects to adapt quickly.

The Spaniard is known for being one of the few drivers who can manage to find the limit of the car at lightning speed. It often helped his former racing teams move quickly towards the next stage of preparation. Aston Martin looks set to benefit as well.

Alonso enjoys Verstappen

Speaking to Speedcafe.com, Alonso stressed that it is impossible to learn this quality, but that it has to be in you above all else. However, he feels that he is certainly not the only driver capable of this, as according to him, Verstappen also possesses this ability.

"I think you cannot teach that, I think it has to come from yourself," Alonso assessed, then drew the comparison to Verstappen. "I think Max is one of those, and he has been always like that, you know, from go karts to now so it should not be a surprise for anyone."

The experienced driver argues that this is why Verstappen and he have an advantage during rainy conditions. Where other drivers need a lot of time to get used to the new track conditions, the pair mostly manage to adapt themselves quickly.

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