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Ferrari talent hopeful for Formula One spot: 'Didn’t lose my skills'

Ferrari talent hopeful for Formula One spot: 'Didn’t lose my skills'

18-12-2022 09:20 Last update: 11:14


Robert Shwartzman hopes he will get a chance in Formula 1 in the foreseeable future, he tells Racer. The Ferrari talent feels he has done a good job behind the scenes this season and showed himself positively to the outside world at the end of the race year.

This season, Shwartzman was one of Ferrari's test drivers. On behalf of the Italian formation, he was allowed to drive the car during the United States and Abu Dhabi Grands Prix to complete the first free practice. Moreover, after the final race, he participated in the test days.

"I hope it did something, the test and the results I got," the young driver stated. "I hope it’s at least shown to people in motorsport that I’m still there, I didn’t lose my skills. The work I did with Ferrari — even if it was on the sim — it still helped me and made me mature and also prepared me for actual driving."

Shwartzman wants to take new step

Shwartzman reveals his desire to get back on the track, which makes him hope for a chance in Formula 1. At 23 years old, he seemingly has plenty of years in motorsport ahead to prove himself.