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Albon learned after period at Red Bull: 'You should never do that'

Albon learned after period at Red Bull: 'You should never do that'

12-12-2022 17:52 Last update: 21:44


Alexander Albon is having a good time at Williams, but there was a period when he was doing a lot less well. A talented driver, he did not manage to live up to expectations at Red Bull Racing. From experience, however, he knows what he can do better in the future, and he reveals the opposite to The Race.

According to Albon, a Formula 1 driver needs to maintain confidence in the car. When he fails to do so, he loses grip over the car. It would result in the driver's performance deteriorating. Albon does not want to end up at that point.

"When you start losing confidence in the car it starts to drive you. You start to react to the car. You should never be reactive to the car, you should be the one controlling it," he explains. "You go into a corner and you already know what you want to do before you get to the corner," he says.

"On the flip side, which is the slow way, you turn into the corner and you wait for the car to do what it does. And then you react to it. That’s where you start to see the tentative driving because you’re reacting rather than being proactive, basically. And that’s confidence."

Albon sees development at Williams

Albon feels Williams has made some big steps forward in recent times, which will make the team more competitive in 2023. However, he believes it still needs a longer time to get to where the formation wants to be.

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