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F1 points to strength of Zandvoort: 'In this they have raised the bar'

F1 points to strength of Zandvoort: 'In this they have raised the bar'

08-12-2022 07:35 Last update: 10:55

Circuit Zandvoort has been able to extend its deal with Formula 1 through 2025. They are of course only too happy about that in Zandvoort, but F1 's top management is also pleased that it can keep the Dutch Grand Prix on the calendar.

Since F1 returned to Zandvoort, it has had no regrets. The event was already a great spectacle in 2021 and the Grand Prix did not disappoint in 2022 either. Stefano Domenicali, Formula 1's CEO, is therefore very pleased that the option has been lifted to extend the contract by two years.

Zandvoort gets two more years

''The Dutch Grand Prix has quickly established itself on the calendar as a fan favourite, bringing incredible energy and a great fan experience every year. The sold-out events in the last two years have raised the bar in terms of organisation, entertainment, and sustainability, and we are delighted to extend our relationship with them,'' said F1's CEO.

Despite F1 having a laundry list of candidates to choose from these days, Zandvoort still got the preference: ''There is huge demand to host F1 races so it is testament to what the team have done to cement Zandvoort on the calendar until 2025, and we can’t wait to return next summer,'' Domenicali concludes.

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