Still uncertainty over Portuguese Grand Prix

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2 December at 19:05
Last update 2 December at 22:23

It was announced today that the Chinese Grand Prix has been cancelled due to the Corona restrictions that the country still has in place. One of the potential replacements mentioned is Portimao, but it now appears that even this one is still in question.

The Chinese Grand Prix was supposed to take place on 16 April 2023, and the official F1 calendar now also shows that it has been removed. Although Portimao is a real contender to host the Grand Prix, it appears that the FIA World Endurance Championship has also organised a race on this date.

"The first-ever 6 Hours of Portimão at Algarve International Circuit will take place on 16 April. This will be the second time that WEC has run at the track which previously held the 8 Hours of Portimão in 2021," reads the WEC website.

There are still some options

So it remains to be seen whether the Portuguese Grand Prix will take place, and if so, on which date. There are still some options: 9 April and 23 April are days when it could still be organised. 23 April seems the most feasible since the next race, a week later, borders Europe (Baku).