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Domenicali praises Binotto: 'They have made much progress since 2020'

Domenicali praises Binotto: 'They have made much progress since 2020'

01-12-2022 10:56 Last update: 11:28


Formula One boss Stefano Domenicali has expressed encouraging words for Mattia Binotto. To Sky Sports Domenicali expresses hope that Ferrari can continue the line it started under Binotto.

Domenicali was himself team boss of Ferrari from 2008 to 2014, a period when Ferrari last managed to win a title. In 2012, the team with Domenicali briefly came close to the title when Fernando Alonso lost by a hair to Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing. So Domenicali can well imagine how Binotto - who stepped down as Ferrari team boss on Tuesday - must feel now.

"Of course when you are second in Ferrari, it is something that is not enough," Domenicali explained. "I was in the same position as Binotto many years ago, so I wish him the best for the future and encourage him to believe in himself."

'They have made up a lot compared to 2020'

Ferrari could really compete at the forefront this season for the first time since 2019. A good step forward, then, even if the title win was still far out of reach. Domenicali hopes Ferrari can continue this line in the coming years.

"I really hope that Ferrari will find the right solution to stay on-track and make progress. They have made a big recovery from where they were two years ago. We need Ferrari to be competitive, to have a good, strong team with strong drivers to fight against the others. I am sure there will be more teams fighting for first and other positions in 2023 - that is the dream."