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Mercedes saw challenge: 'There's no question about it'

Mercedes saw challenge: 'There's no question about it'

27-11-2022 16:56 Last update: 18:19


James Vowles has enjoyed the way Mercedes managed to fight back this calendar year. The German formation's chief strategist tells in the race debrief on the YouTube channel which aspects he is most proud of this season.

According to Vowles, his team showed character in 2022. When tasked with summarising the season in four words, he is therefore clear. "Difficult, character building, challenging. That's three of them and my fourth word would be teamwork," he begins.

Whereas Mercedes got used to fighting at the top of the standings in past seasons, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell competed in the sub-top for a significant part of this race year. So it took some getting used to for the team, agrees Vowles as well.

"That really has changed the organisation. But for the positive, we're much better as a result of this. And thats the characters that have built and that we've built ourselves as a result of that. It's been challenging there's no question about it. We're not in the position we're used to being in and we have to make sure as a result of that you adapt and move forward."

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In doing so, Mercedes is pleased with what Hamilton and Russell showed collectively. Vowles saw that they were a team. "We have two incredible drivers pushing each other but working together as a team to make the car better."