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Binotto sees talent making strides: 'He has always progressed'

Binotto sees talent making strides: 'He has always progressed'

27-11-2022 15:56 Last update: 18:17


Mattia Binotto is confident that Mick Schumacher will succeed in Formula 1 in the future, he told in conversation with Sky Sports. Despite his departure from Haas F1, the Ferrari team boss expects the talented driver to come back stronger.

Schumacher could not convince his team over the past two seasons, leading the US formation to decide to swap him for Nico Hulkenberg. It means Schumacher will be without a Formula 1 team in 2023 and will have to look for a role as a reserve driver.

Schumacher gets backing from Binotto

Binotto understands that the situation will be difficult for Schumacher, but argues that the driver has a strong character. Last season, he already managed to make the necessary steps and the team boss thinks he will continue that line in the coming years.

"Mick, first, is a great driver. I think he has always progressed through his career and I think he has as well progressed during the current season," Binotto stressed to the medium. "If you look back at how he started, where he is ending, I think he has shown that he's capable of progressing."

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