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Run on tickets Spanish Grand Prix at start of presale

Run on tickets Spanish Grand Prix at start of presale

27-11-2022 10:48 Last update: 10:56


Formula 1 is immensely popular all over the world. Also in Spain, which currently has two drivers active in the pinnacle of motorsport. Next season, a lot of Spaniards want to see Carlos Sainz at Ferrari and Fernando Alonso at the wheel of their cars.

Last Friday, presales started for the next Spanish Grand Prix. This race will be held on 4 June 2023. The demand for tickets for the event turned out to be huge. As many as 40,000 tickets were sold on Friday. The organisers, therefore expect the race to sell out next year, writes Soymotor. This year, the Spanish Grand Prix was also sold out.

Black Friday

Incidentally, the rush is probably partly explained by Black Friday. On the first day of the sale, the organisers gave a 25 percent discount on tickets for some of the grandstands. Moreover - it is suspected - the modifications made to the circuit are appealing to fans. The circuit near Barcelona is known for good track visibility. From most grandstands, it is possible to see several spots on the track.

The circuit organisation is still working on some issues. Last season, the number of spectators was so large that traffic was completely jammed. There were also too few public transport options to get the flow of fans to Barcelona quickly. The organisers promised the FIA improvement in this regard.

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