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Schumacher goes for return to Formula One: 'I will work hard on myself'

Schumacher goes for return to Formula One: 'I will work hard on myself'

26-11-2022 07:50 Last update: 10:21


Mick Schumacher was given a chance at Haas F1 for the past two seasons, but failed to seize it. The American formation was dissatisfied with his performance and decided to swap him for Nico Hulkenberg, leaving Schumacher without a Formula 1 team next calendar year. However, the talented driver remains confident.

Schumacher had undoubtedly imagined a different start to his Formula 1 career. In his first season, the driver had to deal with a car he could not compete with. It caused him to finish without points along with Nikita Mazepin.

This season, Schumacher had an upward trend, but was still far behind his new teammate Kevin Magnussen. As Haas wants experience in the car next season, the team did not extend Schumacher's commitment.

For Schumacher, however, it is no reason to kiss his Formula 1 dream goodbye. "My goal is to be back on the grid in 2024," he told Sky Sports Deutschland. "Therefore, I will work hard on myself and make sure I have all the chess pieces in the right position so that hopefully I can be successful."

Schumacher wants new challenge

In 2023, therefore, he still hopes to join a team to play an important role behind the scenes. "Ultimately, I want to be in a place where I can grow and I can show the performance I have in me," is how he sums up the search for a new challenge.

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