Hamilton under fire after reckless driving: 'This is strictly forbidden'

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25 November at 16:31
Last update 25 November at 22:31
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Lewis Hamilton has shared footage of his time in Japan on social media. The video shows the Briton drifting, spinning and breaking the speed limit in a rental car. The rental company itself has not reacted very positively to Hamilton's footage.

Hamilton has had a poor season with Mercedes. For the first time ever in his career, the Briton was unable to record a victory or pole position to his name during the Formula 1 season. The Briton is therefore happy to say goodbye to the W13.

In Japan, Hamilton was able to indulge in an R34 GTR after a mediocre season. The video shows the Brit spinning and drifting with the rental car and exceeding the speed limit considerably. Smoke even comes out of the gear lever. "I only like to drive on track, but I make exceptions", reads the caption.

Hamilton challenged on his behaviour

However, the car rental company is not happy with Hamilton's behaviour. At Twitter the company responds to the video: "This is a car from Omoshiro rental, but this video was not taken with our permission. This manner of driving is strictly forbidden", the message reads.

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