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Verstappen never holds anything back from Perez: 'People don't understand that'

Verstappen never holds anything back from Perez: 'People don't understand that'

25 November - 10:38 Last update: 11:47

Max Verstappen believes he is actually a good team player. Many people claimed otherwise after the Brazilian Grand Prix, but those people do not understand what is going on behind the scenes, according to the Red Bull driver.

Verstappen under fire

Verstappen came under fire after the Brazilian GP for refusing to follow a team order. He had to let teammate Sergio Perez overtake on the final straight but still kept pressing his accelerator full blast. The team did not understand what had happened and afterwards, a conversation was needed to glue everything back together.

In the interview Max Verstappen: Picture Perfect published on Viaplay, the Dutchman is asked whether F1 is an individual or team sport. ''It is a team sport. A lot of people are working on your car in the factory and on the track itself and have to prepare everything. It's two cars, so as a team you want to score as many points as possible with both cars. It's definitely a team sport,'' said the two-time world champion.

After Brazil and also in Abu Dhabi, Verstappen did not want to explain why he kept Perez behind him. When Amber Brantsen asked if he would not make it easier on himself if he did, Verstappen replied as follows: ''If I did that, they still wouldn't understand. People also just don't generally understand what goes on behind the scenes over a whole season.''

Red Bull is number one

''Somehow people think I am not a team player, whereas I am always very open. People might not see that, but throughout the season everyone is working on their own set-up. I think I am very good together with GP (Gianpiero Lambiase) and the people around me. We always find the right direction and usually that is adopted by the other side. Only things like that are never told. They don't have to be, but things like that also weigh in on the team bond.''

According to Verstappen, it is precisely important to perform as well as possible as a team. ''In the end, I still think, as a team we have to be the best. Both cars have to be good. I never hold anything back. I am always very open about, we will do this, we will try that. Somehow people don't understand that, but that's how it is'', Verstappen concludes.

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