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Gasly expresses appreciation: 'There is no bull**** with him'

24 November at 16:36
Last update 24 November at 18:01

Pierre Gasly's time at AlphaTauri is over. After remaining loyal to his team for a long time, he hopes to move up the ranks with Alpine in 2023. However, saying goodbye to teammate Yuki Tsunoda is hard on him.

Gasly and Tsunoda spent two seasons as teammates and built a close relationship during that time. From the start, there was a click between the two, which was evident from the many videos in which they were seen together having the greatest fun together.

Gasly is going to miss Tsunoda

Gasly calls the Japanese driver a "unique character" and will definitely miss him as a teammate, he told Abu Dhabi. "He doesn’t live that far from my house in Milan so I am sure we will get some more time in the off season to catch up," the Frenchman said in conversation with

It is the 'no filter' attitude that endears Tsunoda to the public, but Gasly too can really appreciate that trait of his teammate. "There is no bull**** with Yuki and that is one thing I will really appreciate. Everything which goes through his mind is out of his mouth in a flash of light. He’s a very unique character, got a great sense of humour, no filter, which can be quite surprising at times, but he is a great human being," he continued.

Moreover, he has seen Tsunoda grow quite a bit over the past two years. "Really enjoyed these last two years seeing him evolve within the team. Also as a person I think he has developed quite a lot – definitely someone I appreciate, and I’ll happily call as a friend now," the future Alpine driver said.