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New research: 20% of posts about Verstappen are toxic

New research: 20% of posts about Verstappen are toxic

23 November - 13:59 Last update: 18:21


Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing were the target of much online hate and toxic behaviour during the Abu Dhabi race weekend. A study by Areto Labs and The Female Drive analysed online behaviour around the weekend.

The study looked at nearly 300,000 online posts related to Formula 1. Of these, about nine per cent were offensive or hateful. 7,500 messages were labelled 'risky' by the study, meaning that there were, for example, concrete and/or targeted threats in the message.

Verstappen main target

Of all the drivers, Verstappen bore the brunt. As many as one in five messages to or about the Dutchman were toxic, with nine per cent in the 'risky' category. Among teams, Red Bull Racing received the most hate: 14 per cent of messages to or about the team were toxic and four per cent risky.

It was not only drivers and teams that received abuse, media figures were also insulted. Will Buxton of Liberty Media and Natalie Pinkham of Sky Sports also received many toxic messages.

Addressing toxic behaviour has been an issue in Formula 1 for some time. Alpine announced a while back that it would take tougher action against unacceptable behaviour directed at the team. The FIA announced last summer that it would launch a campaign to more actively combat such behaviour. Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have also stated several times that the online behaviour of some fans is starting to take extreme forms.

The results of the survey can be seen below.

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