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Hamilton honest: 'In top three worst seasons'

Hamilton honest: 'In top three worst seasons'

23-11-2022 08:19 Last update: 08:58


Lewis Hamilton did not have it easy in 2022. At the start of the season, the driver was still hoping to contend for the world title, but within a few races it was already clear to him that Mercedes was falling short. Despite this, Hamilton also takes positives with him, he said in an interview with Sky Sports.

It never happened to Hamilton before that he went a season without a Grand Prix win, but this year he is empty-handed. "It is probably up there with the top-three worst seasons. But in terms of how the team stayed united, there have been lots of pluses," the Briton assessed.

Whereas Mercedes suffered a lot of porpoising at the beginning of the calendar year, the team managed to recover over the course of the season. It allowed it to fight with Ferrari for the podium places, while Red Bull Racing maintained its solid lead.

Hamilton sees Mercedes recovering

Hamilton is not worried about the disappointing year. Once he realised that Mercedes' year was going to be different, the driver tried to make small steps forward with the team. Thus, he told the English medium that he was able to enjoy many moments.

"I feel like this year, when we got our first fifth, it felt like a win. When we got our first fourth, it felt like a win. When we got our first podium, it felt like a win, and those second places felt as if we really achieved something, so I'll just hold on to those."

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