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Jos Verstappen sees right attitude in Max: 'That's what makes him so extremely good'

Jos Verstappen sees right attitude in Max: 'That's what makes him so extremely good'

21-11-2022 12:51 Last update: 14:29


Jos Verstappen looks back at how he and Max differ as drivers. In an interview with De Limburger ahead of the season finale in Abu Dhabi, Jos explains where he believes Max's dominance this season comes from.

Max Verstappen has been absolutely dominant this season. Although Charles Leclerc was able to keep up somewhat at the beginning, it became clear by mid-season that the win would go to Verstappen for the second year in a row. With four races to go, Verstappen actually managed to claim the title in Japan.

Despite there being nothing left to win or lose for Verstappen in the closing stages, he continued to pull out all the stops to still win as many races as possible. After the Brazilian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen was widely criticized for not wanting to let his teammate Sergio Perez ahead despite an explicit request from the team. "That runs in the family. That's the way we are," Jos explains. "If we do something, everything has to move away for it. Everything has to be one hundred percent. Of course, that has its consequences. Look what happened in Brazil. Sometimes that way of living and working also pulls you down. But it's why Max is so good. That's how he grew up. Although he has a slightly different character."

'When the helmet goes on it's a lion'

When asked in what respect Max differs from his father, Jos immediately had an answer ready: "He's sweeter. And he's more under control. I used to be much more extreme, but Max is basically a very nice and sweet guy. He has a small heart. But when the helmet goes on, he's a lion. Don't push Max into a corner, because he'll explode. I have that too, but that's also what makes him so extremely good."

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