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Verstappen not following in Alonso's footsteps: 'Then I won't be here'

Verstappen not following in Alonso's footsteps: 'Then I won't be here'

17-11-2022 19:19 Last update: 21:12


Max Verstappen was very outspoken on Friday about the many hate messages he and his family received over social media over the past week. In strong terms, he expressed his disgust at the aftermath of the incident with teammate Sergio Perez, which was immediately solved after the race.

The Red Bull Racing driver said at the press conference, where GPblog also joined in, that it was disgusting what was being sent. "When your own sister tells you that you have to do something about it because it's too much, that says enough. Of course that does something to me, because you shouldn't touch my family," he told.

No fringe issues

Verstappen loves racing, but thates the things that come along with it. Off the track, he prefers to do his things as anonymously as possible. The Dutchman therefore tries to keep his private life out of the spotlight as much as possible. However, in the current era of social media and the huge popularity of Formula 1, it is difficult to do so.

The two-time champion was asked if all the hate messages make him prefer not to be in Formula 1? "It's not only related to that, to be honest, but I won't be here when I'm 40, that's for sure", Verstappen said.

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