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'FIA may take action in case of new evidence on Perez' Monaco crash'

'FIA may take action in case of new evidence on Perez' Monaco crash'

17-11-2022 18:28 Last update: 20:59


After the Brazilian Grand Prix, reports surfaced about this year's Monaco race. Max Verstappen was said to have a score to settle with Sergio Perez, as the Mexican was said to have deliberately crashed into the wall in Monte Carlo. For now, there will be no investigation into the incident unless new evidence is provided.

Verstappen refused in Brazil to relinquish his sixth position to his teammate, who is still fighting for second place in the drivers' championship with Charles Leclerc. Although the Dutchman has nothing left to lose with his second world title already in his pocket, he did not want to help Perez at Interlagos. It has since been revealed that Red Bull Racing had not communicated properly with Verstappen, making it unclear to the Dutchman why he was given team orders. In Abu Dhabi, however, he will help Perez into second place.

On Thursday in Abu Dhabi, the Mexican driver denied that he deliberately put his car into the wall in Abu Dhabi. According to Perez, these are just speculations. The Red Bull driver finished qualifying ahead of Verstappen because of the red flag, putting him ahead in strategy and eventually winning in Monaco.

No investigation into Perez incident in Monaco yet

De Telegraaf journalist Erik van Haren reported after the Brazilian GP that Perez deliberately crashed in Monaco, which he later admitted to Helmut Marko and Christian Horner. The Dutch medium now reports that Perez need not fear an investigation into the incident for the time being. The FIA may take action if new evidence is provided, but for now that does not appear to be the case. It is obviously against the rules for a driver to deliberately park his car in the wall, especially since it could also endanger other drivers. This is how Carlos Sainz crashed his Ferrari into Perez's RB18 in Monaco.

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