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'Haas told Schumacher in Brazil that his contract will not be renewed'

'Haas told Schumacher in Brazil that his contract will not be renewed'

14-11-2022 12:42 Last update: 16:11


The ball is in the court at Haas. According to F1-insider.com, Mick Schumacher has been told he may leave the team at the end of 2022. Nico Hulkenberg will be announced as his replacement this week.

It had been in the air for a while, but it now seems as good as certain that Schumacher will have to leave at Haas. F1-insider.com reports that Schumacher has been told in Brazil that his expiring contract will not be renewed. Schumacher is said to be not developing fast enough, expensive, destroying many cars and, above all, his entourage (with uncle Ralf leading the way) is very negative about the team in the media.

Schumacher must leave

The replacement is already in place and, according to various media, including Bild, already signed a contract with Haas. The German would be announced by the team on Tuesday, making a real return to F1 after three years without a permanent seat. With the deal, he will become a teammate of his sworn rival Kevin Magnussen.

Schumacher looks set to find shelter at Mercedes. Toto Wolff already revealed that he was very keen on the German driver and now that Daniel Ricciardo seems to prefer the reserve role at Red Bull Racing to the same position at Mercedes, a vacancy at the German racetrack is likely to be filled by the young German driver.

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