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Crash between Verstappen and Hamilton in Brazil GP

Crash between Verstappen and Hamilton in Brazil GP

13-11-2022 18:25


Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton clashed in the early stages of the Brazilian Grand Prix. Both drivers dropped back as a result, but Verstappen had to come in for a pit stop due to damage to his Red Bull. The Dutchman was given a five-second penalty

Clash between Verstappen and Hamilton

The race had only just resumed after an early safety car when the 2021 rivals clashed. Verstappen was on Hamilton's tail, but the Mercedes driver was not easily willing to let the Dutchman get away with his second place.

What followed was a moment of contact between the two, with debris flying around and Verstappen hit the side of the track. Miraculously, both drivers were able to continue their way, although the damage to Verstappen was considerable. He fell back quickly and had to come in for a stop, while Hamilton lost a few places and was able to continue his way without major problems.

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