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No penalties for Hamilton, Zhou and Ricciardo

No penalties for Hamilton, Zhou and Ricciardo

12-11-2022 22:53


Lewis Hamilton, Guanyu Zhou and Daniel Ricciardo were called to the stewards after the sprintrace for a possible offence during the start. They allegedly did not stand properly in front of the start line. For that, they could receive a penalty for Sunday's Grand Prix.

In the end, the stewards decided not to impose a penalty on the trio. "The Stewards noted that the grid boxes were slightly smaller than usual and that the drivers’ visibility makes compliance extremely difficult and that no driver was in a position that gained any advantage", was the stewards' decision.

Spot two

For Hamilton, this will be quite a relief. As a result, the Briton can start from second position at Sunday's Grand Prix. Ricciardo will start from 11th position and Zhou will start the race in 13th.