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Verstappen spoke to Sky Sports about boycott: 'Don't need to broadcast'

Verstappen spoke to Sky Sports about boycott: 'Don't need to broadcast'

11-11-2022 09:03 Last update: 09:16

Max Verstappen himself has sat down with Sky Sports after the boycott in Mexico. For the Dutchman, the measure was full for a while, but everything was spoken again prior to the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Verstappen was already asked about the boycott with Sky Sports at the press conference and revealed that everything had been pronounced again. There had to be a line from now on. The medium had been boycotted by Verstappen and Red Bull following a statement by Ted Kravitz about Lewis Hamilton having his world title 'stolen' in 2021. For Verstappen, the measure was then full.

Verstappen and Sky Sports

In Brazil, Verstappen and his team will speak to Sky again, having spoken at length between the Grands Prix in Mexico and Brazil. ''Then you come to certain conclusions together, that some things just weren't the case. And in the end it can then also be resolved very quickly,' ' said Verstappen, according to the AD.

Verstappen therefore believes that the signal did work. He was able to indicate his limit and it is now clear to everyone. The fact that it remains unknown to the outside world what was discussed is only good, according to Verstappen: "You don't have to enter into that dialogue live on channel. People are then watching, there is no need for that at all,'' the Red Bull driver concludes.