Hamilton upset at Vettel departure: 'I really see him as an ally'

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10 November at 11:18
Last update 10 November at 11:26
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Lewis Hamilton is not looking forward to having to say goodbye to Sebastian Vettel after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The German is calling it quits after this season and Hamilton is still bitter about that, he told in conversation with Fox Sports.

The two drivers are only two years apart, which means they have experienced much of each other's careers. According to Hamilton, despite Vettel being a rival of his, he had a good relationship with him. "It is going to be sad to see him leave," Hamilton stated.

The seven-time world champion did not expect beforehand to get along so well with Vettel. "It has been an unexpected relationship and friendship. It is so difficult when you are so competitive and you are both fighting for something you are passionate about."

Hamilton saw an ally in Vettel

Hamilton and Vettel not only get along well on the track, they also seem to understand each other well outside. In recent years, for instance, the current drivers of Mercedes and Aston Martin respectively have frequently spoken out about discrimination and gay rights in certain countries, among other things.

"I don't believe I've seen any driver in the history of the sport do what he and I have been doing in terms of utilizing the platform, being outspoken and taking that risk. I really see him as an ally," Hamilton said.