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Verstappens' titles worth more than Hamilton's? 'Good point from Alonso'

Verstappens' titles worth more than Hamilton's? 'Good point from Alonso'

08-11-2022 14:59 Last update: 18:13

Fernando Alonso caused a stir with his statement that Max Verstappen's titles are worth more than Lewis Hamilton's. In Emerson Fittipaldi, Alonso does have an ally, as he agrees with the Spaniard.

Alonso spoke out about Verstappen's world titles around the Mexico Grand Prix. The Alpine driver thought that Verstappen's two titles are worth more than Hamilton's seven because, in his years, Hamilton only had to compete against a teammate. Verstappen also had to fight against other teams and that makes it a more handsome achievement, according to Alonso.

Verstappen better than Hamilton?

Speaking to difficult to make the comparison, but he understands the Spaniard's point. ''The point that Fernando (Alonso) mentioned has merit because now it is extremely competitive. Much more than when Lewis was winning the championships, that was against his teammate. Now, you have Max who is against a lot of different people. If you think about it, yes, Fernando is correct.''

''The level, the gap among the top five cars in any qualifying this year is very close. Much closer than when Lewis and Nico (Rosberg) or Lewis and Bottas were there. They were quite superior to the field. Now the field is very close. I like it now,'' the two-time world champion concluded.

Hamilton himself was not bothered by Alonso's statements. He showed a picture on his Twitter account of the 2007 podium in America. That was when Hamilton beat teammate Alonso. Also at the press conference in Mexico, Hamilton let it slip, stating that, in the meantime, it makes him laugh especially when Alonso says something like that.