'Stringent corona measures possibly hamper China GP again'

'Stringent corona measures possibly hamper China GP again'

5 November - 19:49 Last update: 19:57

Next year's China Grand Prix is scheduled to be the fourth race of the year. According to Auto, Motor und Sport, few people believe the race weekend will go ahead. The country's current corona measures reportedly make it impossible to go.

The China GP has been on the calendar since 2004. In each of the past three seasons, however, it could not take place because of the corona crisis, so Formula 1 looked for alternatives. This calendar year, China would love to return to the programme, but the question is how feasible it is.

After all, people travelling to the country have to comply with quite a few rules. For instance, they must be able to show two negative tests from different locations, while another test follows on arrival. In addition, they have to be quarantined for 10 days before they are allowed out. The country's citizens also frequently face strict measures.

Moreover, flight connections are currently by no means good, making it not easy to travel to China. It also ensures that costs have risen considerably and the GP is by no means attractive to foreign travellers.

Drivers possibly almost month off

For now, therefore, all indications are that the 2023 China GP will again not take place. However, Formula 1 organisers do not have a replacement for the race weekend, meaning teams may have four weeks off between Australia and Azerbaijan.