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Red Bull moves ahead with new wind tunnel after Mateschitz's wish

Red Bull moves ahead with new wind tunnel after Mateschitz's wish

04-11-2022 08:37 Last update: 09:11

Red Bull Racing is moving ahead with a new wind tunnel in Milton Keynes. It is said to have been a last wish of Dietrich Mateschitz and, according to Christian Horner, Red Bull is also more or less forced by the limited time in a wind tunnel.

Red Bull has never invested in a wind tunnel since it commissioned the old Arrows wind tunnel after acquiring Jaguar in 2004. That wind tunnel is a former aircraft design facility first commissioned in 1946 by RAE Bedford. Horner refers to this wind tunnel as a Cold War heritage.

New wind tunnel for Red Bull

According to The Race Red Bull has now decided to build a new wind tunnel. Horner revealed to the outlet that this was a wish of Mateschitz. When the new wind tunnel can be commissioned and the state of the project is still unknown.

According to Horner, Red Bull would almost be forced to come up with a new wind tunnel. In the past, hours could be spent testing in a wind tunnel, but now F1 has imposed restrictions. So it is much more about efficiency, and efficient the old wind tunnel from just after the war is not exactly.

''Once the tunnel regulations were introduced, then the efficiency of our tunnel just wasn’t comparable with where the regulations are going. It forced our hand that we needed to make that big capital investment. So, that’s what we’ve chosen to do,'' Horner informed.