'It’s so scary for all of Verstappen's competitors'

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1 November at 12:56
Last update 1 November at 15:00
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Max Verstappen not only won the Mexican Grand Prix last weekend, the Dutchman also broke a record with his 14th win of the season. Verstappen's performance is discussed in the F1 Nation podcast.

With his fourteenth victory in Mexico, Verstappen passes Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher's record of most wins in a single season. The two German world champions managed thirteen wins in a single season, but the dominant Verstappen has broken the record.

The 25-year-old has developed into one of the best Formula 1 drivers in recent years. The Red Bull Racing driver knows how to stay very calm under the pressure of the title race. "The highs, he doesn’t get too excited about. The lows, he doesn’t get too down about. He’s just a very level character now", Tom Clarkson begins in the podcast.

'It's scary for Verstappen's competitors'

Sam Power, commentator for the Australian F1 broadcaster, echoes Clarkson's words. The analyst calls Verstappen's form "scary" for his rivals. "You're spot on. And it’s so scary for all of his competitors. He is in the zone at the moment, and he just keeps delivering results. It’s a herculean effort."

Although Verstappen was still battling with Charles Leclerc for the title at the beginning of the year, the Dutchman became increasingly dominant as the season progressed. Ferrari's team made too many mistakes and the reliability of the car was also not up to scratch. Power hopes we will see another battle between multiple drivers in 2023. "I’m hoping there’s a bit of a titanic clash, and we get to see Max versus Lewis next year and maybe a few other faces."