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Sky Sports allowed to talk to Verstappen & Red Bull after boycott in Mexico

Sky Sports allowed to talk to Verstappen & Red Bull after boycott in Mexico

31-10-2022 11:36 Last update: 03-11-2022 09:57

Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing decided not to speak to Sky Sports journalists again in Mexico. The boycott will not last long, as they will already speak to the medium again in Brazil.

Verstappen had had it with Sky Sports for a while. Ted Kravitz had spoken condescendingly of the Dutchman after the US Grand Prix. Not for the first time, he claimed that Lewis Hamilton had been robbed of the world title in 2021. For Verstappen, the measure was full, after already months of comments by Sky Sports about the performance of Red Bull and Verstappen himself.

Verstappen boycotts Sky Sports

In Mexico, Verstappen therefore did not speak to Sky Sports. Not only the British edition was banned, but also the German and Italian branches of the medium did not allow Verstappen to speak. Not much later, it became clear that the entire Red Bull team was behind Verstappen and so no one from the team spoke to the channel. Initially, it indicated for "indefinite time".

That time now seems to have been determined, as according to the AD Christian Horner has revealed that Verstappen and the entire Red Bull team will be available to Sky Sports again from the Brazil Grand Prix. The question now is whether the boycott will also bring about a change in the medium's coverage.