"Only works team status can win championships", says Boullier

26-06-2018 13:28
by Bobby Vincent
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Only works team status can win championships, says Boullier

McLaren sporting director Eric Boullier claims that only teams with works team status can win F1 World Championships.

Boullier, who has come under mass amounts of scrutiny recently, has been speaking to ESPN France about the matter.

"I think Red Bull is showing that you can win races as a customer, but I think winning a championship is another level, you need to have a works team status," Boullier said.

This quote from Boullier goes against McLaren's decision to part company with Honda last year and instead pair up with Renault.

McLaren were also getting a heavy financial injection from Honda when partnered up with them for their power unit supply.

Since the split, McLaren have paid for their own.

Boullier stands by his team's decision, though: "It's true that this time last year we had no points at all, so obviously we are now in the fight for fourth with Renault and once again, we would prefer to be comfortably fourth, which was one of the targets we had assigned to ourselves.

"This car this year is obviously not working exactly how we expect to be but we are still using this as an experimental experience.

"We want to learn from this car and learn as well as working with Renault because it's a different partner from last year who we worked with for some years.

"We have something new to learn; some of the technical options we have not explored yet."

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