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Fittipaldi balks at talentless drivers: 'It should be less about money'

Fittipaldi balks at talentless drivers: 'It should be less about money'

28-10-2022 14:41 Last update: 15:12


Two-time F1 champion Emerson Fittipaldi would love to see a Brazilian F1 driver again and thinks it should be possible if Formula 1 changes. It should be more about talent and less about money.

Speaking to VegasInsider.com earlier, the Brazilian said that there is a shortage of F1 seats, leaving talented (Brazilian) drivers grabbing alongside. To the same medium, the former F1 driver further explains his views on the sport ahead of the Mexican GP weekend.

'More talent, less money in racing'

Indeed, Fittipaldi believes that motorsport would benefit from more talent and less money. The possible upcoming departure of Mick Schumacher from the king class of motorsport is a painful example, according to the Brazilian: "Unfortunately, money makes the difference in racing these days, from karting, Formula 4, Formula 3 and Formula 2 to Formula 1. We have a big wave with kids with lots of money and sponsors in racing who want to become an F1 driver, but sometimes don't have the talent."

Then comes Fittipaldi on Schumacher: "Then you have a driver like Schumacher with a lot of talent, who is dedicated and tries well to be in F1. If the team then says he is too expensive, it means they are looking for someone with more money." According to Fittipaldi, that has to change in the future: "We need more talent and less money in racing. " The Brazilian sees a hell of a task in it; namely, working with the FIA, Formula 1, teams and sponsors to bring about that change.

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