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Frustration with Sainz not gone: 'FIA too kind to Russell'

Frustration with Sainz not gone: 'FIA too kind to Russell'

28-10-2022 09:02 Last update: 09:46


Carlos Sainz is still dissatisfied with the incident in the United States despite apologies from George Russell. According to the Spaniard, whoever tapped him around got off well with race control.

For Sainz, the US Grand Prix was over after just one lap. The Ferrari driver had a poor start and lost his leading position to Max Verstappen at the first corner. Sainz was second through the corner, but that was not counting on Russell. He braked and tapped Sainz in the first corner.

Russell's mistake

Sainz was logically angry after the race that this had happened and that has not changed a week later. Sainz, according to Motorsport-total.com still wondering how such an incident could happen in the top four. The frustration is therefore still there with Sainz, despite apologies from his British rival from Mercedes.

Russell took the blame after the race and also went to Ferrari's garage to apologise. ''That was nice,'' Sainz says of that, but that does not change Sainz's opinion: ''That doesn't mean I'm happy now or that the FIA ​​haven't been a little too kind to him,''.

Sainz is referring to the five-second penalty Russell received for the incident. He was able to serve this penalty during his first pit stop, before still driving to fifth position. Sainz came off worse. He ended his race after one lap in the garage due to a water leak caused by the touch.