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Horner vows to celebrate Red Bull's world title in honour of Mateschitz

Horner vows to celebrate Red Bull's world title in "honour" of Mateschitz

23-10-2022 22:14

With Max Verstappen's win in the United States Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing can officially call themselves 2022 Constructors' World Champions. Christian Horner promises to celebrate the victory in honour of Dietrich Mateschitz who died ahead of qualifying on Saturday. 

Big celebrations 

For the first time since 2013, Red Bull Racing can call themselves World Champions. It wasn't an easy race for Verstappen to win following an issue in the pits, but Horner was very proud of how his driver battled back through the field. 

"That was the best possible way we could have won that race. Dietrich would've been proud of that. Max had to fight back. We had a problem with the front wheel gun itself, he got his head down. There's a hunger within Verstappen that I've never seen in another driver. As he grows and matures, he is reading races incredibly well. Paced himself so he didn't burn his tyres up, and was able to get the pass done," Horner told Sky Sports. 

The team boss then reflected on the last eight years and praises his team's efforts for fighting back in the championship. "Over the 8 years, we never lost hope. it means even more. We had tough years, had to keep picking ourselves up and coming back. We've done that. The hard work, blood sweat and tears, this one means the world to us."


Horner heard the sad news of the passing of Red Bull's co-owner on Saturday. Horner reflects on Mateschitz's personality and life within Formula 1. He promises the whole team will celebrate in the style the Austrian would've wanted. 

"Dietrich was a private man. Passionate about sport, especially Formula 1. He had a dream to have a Formula 1 team and he did that, in the end, he had two. He gave us all a chance. He believed in us and backed us. This is for him. We are grateful for everything he has done for us as individuals and as a team. We will celebrate in his honour," Horner added.