Brown shows Boullier support

24-06-2018 11:45
by Bobby Vincent
F1 News
Brown shows Boullier support

McLaren are in a very difficult moment currently but CEO Zak Brown has shown his support to under-pressure racing director Eric Boullier.

Zak Brown was speaking to reporters following yesterday's qualifying disaster for McLaren but Brown was very supportive and respectful of Boullier's position inside McLaren.

"Eric is a valued member of the team," said Brown.

"Clearly we have to identify why we've missed this year's aero and the development of the car."

When asked if Boullier could carry on with his positition until the end of the season, the journalist behind the Freddo story having said that Boullier could be dropped by Silverstone, Brown went on to say:

"I can confirm that everybody on the race team will be in Abu Dhabi."

Brown was then quizzed to whether there would be any personnel changes in the McLaren set-up:

"I'm not going to get into any personnel changes as a race team of 7-800 people."

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