Ex-Ferrari president: "Marchionne jealous of Ferrari's past"

18-06-2018 15:05
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Ex-Ferrari president: Marchionne jealous of Ferrari's past

Former Ferrari chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo thinks that current president Sergio Marchionne is jealous of the team's past, as under Montezemolo's reign Ferrari won 19 titles.

Marchionne took over from Montezemolo in 2014 and hasn't yet experienced the glory of winning a title, and the ex-chairman thinks that Marchionne is jealous of that fact.

"I'm sad to see that Marchionne is very jealous from the past," Montezemolo told FormulaPassion.

"This is bad, because to be jealous of the past it means you have something strange in the mind.

"I'm very proud for what we did, Michael, Ross [Brawn], [Jean] Todt, so happy for what we did.

"Of course Ferrari is always here, and I hope now will again be in a condition to win, because Ferrari needs to win, and for Formula 1 Ferrari is very important.

"I'm still in contact with a few people there, but after 24 years, I was so lucky to win with Niki [Lauda], with Michael, with Kimi, 19 championship titles, it's enough."

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