Sainz already seems happy to beat Red Bull one more time in 2022

Sainz already seems happy to beat Red Bull one more time in 2022

07-10-2022 10:22

Carlos Sainz won his first Grand Prix in Formula 1 this year. The Spaniard saw his teammate Charles Leclerc win three times, but he hopes Ferrari manages to take at least one more win in the last five GP weekends. With that, the current world championship number five does not seem too ambitious.

On Saturdays, Ferrari excelled. No fewer than 11 of the 17 pole positions were captured by the Maranello-based racing stable. In the races, the F1-75 is having a much harder time. Its tyres wear out a lot faster than rival Red Bull Racing's. What is certain is that the Ferrari car is competitive this year, but Sainz seems to be happy already if there is one more win in the remainder of 2022

"I think we scored some good points in Singapore, here [in Japan] we just want to win. I think if we can win one more race before the end of the season, that gives a good feeling and motivation for next year," Sainz is quoted by Ferrari's last win dates back to July, in Austria. "It has been a while and winning would mean that as a team we deliver a perfect weekend. That's exactly what we need."

Red Bull at an advantage

Sainz thus sees an obvious advantage for Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez in this season's finale. The current year has five more races; Japan, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi. In terms of characteristics, the RB18 seems to have a slight advantage everywhere, but that does not alter the fact that Ferrari should pose a serious challenge to Red Bull.

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