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Horner fuels rumours that claims about budget cap are distractions

Horner fuels rumours that claims about budget cap are distractions

07-10-2022 09:26


Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner looks back pretty positively on a challenging first day of the Japanese GP. According to Horner, it is an exciting weekend for two reasons; firstly, Verstappen could become champion and secondly, Red Bull has a possible penalty hanging over its head.

Horner patiently awaits FIA verdict

Thus Horner was heard telling Sky Sports after the free practice sessions at Suzuka: "We had hoped to hear more on Wednesday." The Briton is talking about a ruling by the FIA that would have finished its investigation into the spending reports of all F1 teams last. "That has been delayed for all teams. The FIA has decided that way. We are eagerly waiting to see what happens on Monday. We think we have absolutely complied with the rules of the budget cap. We are satisfied with our cooperation and we are waiting to see what the feedback is."

Horner fuels rumours of wilful distraction

Aston Martin is also suspected of exceeding the budget ceiling. The team boss, Mike Krack, found it strange that this information has seemingly become public and suspects his rivals of deliberately trying to distract the teams. According to Krack, Red Bull was already suffering from this in Singapore.

For Max Verstappen, this weekend is another important one as he is on match point to clinch his second F1 title. In light of Krack's suspicions, Horner says: "It is an important weekend for Max. It's a possibility rather than a probability, but it's another match point. That's what we are focusing on. To be honest, you might think that, given all the focus on that other issue, it's meant to distract us."

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