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Heavy penalty for Red Bull? 'That gives them an unfair advantage'

Heavy penalty for Red Bull? 'That gives them an unfair advantage'

07-10-2022 06:52 Last update: 09:07


Zak Brown believes that adequate action must be taken against teams that have exceeded the budget cap. In this, the McLaren CEO demands a straight line from the FIA.

The budget cap is the talk of the week on and around the Formula 1 paddock. It was leaked in Singapore that Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin would, in fact, have exceeded it in 2021. However, the FIA has not yet released anything officially, so how this got to media/teams remains to be seen.

FIA must make a decision

Brown, according to Motorsport.com that he does not know more than others, but the fact that the FIA has postponed handing out the certificates from last Wednesday to next Monday does tell him that there is a reason to believe that something is still not right. ''Based on speculation, you can assume that one or two teams have not complied.''

Although Brown also states that he does not know if it is true and which teams would be affected, most fingers are pointed at Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin. Noises about how much the teams would have exceeded the budget cap vary and potential penalties also come in all sizes. Brown expects the FIA to act strictly.

The American believes the budget cap should be treated the same as the sporting regulations. If teams break those rules, severe penalties follow and Brown expects the same to happen with the budget cap. ' 'If someone has overspent, it gives them an unfair advantage on the track and that needs to be dealt with quickly and appropriately,'' the McLaren top man concludes.