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Verstappen sober: 'For me there has no extra value'

Verstappen sober: 'For me there has no extra value'

6 October - 14:48 Last update: 17:47


Max Verstappen is gearing up for an important race weekend. Indeed, in Japan, he will have the opportunity to secure himself his second Formula 1 world title. However, the Dutchman is not letting his guard down, stating in conversation with Formula1.com that he remains calm under the current situation.

Verstappen can hardly escape the world title. With a lead of more than 100 points over Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez, it seems a matter of time before the driver cannot be overtaken. A win and the fastest race lap will be enough in Japan.

However, the reigning world champion knows better than anyone how important it is to concentrate solely on the race. In Singapore, Verstappen was still beaten to the punch when, with Red Bull Racing, he came no further than a seventh finishing position.

However, he states in the interview with the medium that he has a lot of faith in his team and will again go for a top performance in Japan. "As long as you win at the end, that's the most important. It doesn't matter if it's six races to the end of one. For me there has no extra value," he explained.

Verstappen enthusiastic about Suzuka

Suzuka International Racing Course, as the circuit in Japan is called, reminds Verstappen of the one at Zandvoort. Both circuits have the same designer with Hans Hugenholtz. "You can see that. It has that similar kind of feeling when you driving. If you make a mistake, it can be a big cost."

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