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Sainz expresses fervent wish: 'I really believe that'

Sainz expresses fervent wish: 'I really believe that'

6 October - 14:18 Last update: 15:20


The end of the Ferrari season is seemingly ending in a deception. Whereas in the first months of the racing year it was still hoping for a long title battle with Max Verstappen, five weekends before the final race, the Dutchman can already clinch the world title. However, Carlos Sainz also sees position matters, he told Sky Sports and others at the press conference.

After the painful 2020 season, when Ferrari failed to progress beyond the middle of the driver field, Ferrari has shown a positive attitude over the past two years. The Italian formation managed to work its way up at lightning speed and even fought its way back into the title race.

No fewer than nine times this calendar year, Leclerc managed to achieve pole position with Ferrari. By comparison, before the current season, Leclerc was still at exactly half that number. That it was still far from often enough for victory is also clear at Ferrari.

Sainz still hoping for GP win for Ferrari

Sainz fared somewhat less well than Leclerc in terms of performance but also impressed at several race weekends. For instance, he managed to take victory at Silverstone, while in the rest of the season he was good for seven other podium finishes. Sainz is therefore quite satisfied.

"I think the team deserves at least one more win this season," Sainz let it be known. "Because I really believe that, in terms of potential, this is Ferrari’s best season in the hybrid era. It would be the ideal way to prepare for next season."

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