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Hamilton still has lots to do in F1: 'I can't retire now'

Hamilton still has lots to do in F1: 'I can't retire now'

06-10-2022 11:24 Last update: 13:00


It seems we will be able to enjoy Lewis Hamilton's driving skills in Formula 1 for a few more years. Reacting to statements made by Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, the Briton says he is not thinking of retiring just yet.

Indeed, Wolff said it in an earlier interview; the retirement of seven-time world champion Hamilton seems a long way off. According to the team boss, Hamilton also still has a few years left in him if he looks at his age and compares that with that of Fernando Alonso who is three years older. Hamilton himself said to the press during the press moment in Japan to, among others, Motorsport-total.com that he is indeed not thinking of retirement just yet.

Hamilton cannot retire from himself just yet

Hamilton is not ruling out another five years in Formula 1: "I have no plans to leave anytime soon." Nothing is fixed yet, so it could go either way. Hamilton just knows he wants to stay with Mercedes for the rest of his life; after his active racing career. Indeed, Hamilton sees his future with the car manufacturer and can put his ideals to good use with the company: "The company offers so many jobs for so many people. It is a very strong platform to change narratives. Mercedes is able to bring about real positive change."

Hamilton feels that he has already achieved a lot and notes that his message and ideals - which are mainly about saving the environment and inclusivity and visibility of minorities - are getting across. That is why the Briton believes it is important to maintain his podium in F1: "I cannot retire now because I have only just started to create a more open and inclusive environment in this sport. I have to stay and make sure it stays that way."